orbital motion EP

by gillian rose

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released October 3, 2018

album cover by troy dockins


all rights reserved



gillian rose Tacoma, Washington

hi! thanks for listening. i'm a singer/writer/dancer/
artist originally from portland, or.

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Track Name: Miss Fortune
You can't have the lover till you make the bed,
You can't have the baby till you paint the crib,
You can't find yourself till you let that go,
And you can't see it all till you leave the show.

If you're waiting for life to get fair,
It's the awful truth-- you're never gonna get there.
If Miss Fortune rules, tell that bitch to move,
Take control of you, you've got a soul to prove.

You can't have the dance till you learn the moves,
You can't have the woman till she loves you.
You can't have a grave till you dig that hole,
And you can't let go if you're afraid to fall.

It really fucked me up that way I had myself down
I was looking for someone to save me in the reject's lost and found.
Screaming into pillows asking, "Anybody, please!
Tell me the answer to all this pain, to all my suffering?"
Track Name: Online Shopping for Enlightenment
Sometimes I buy things online when I lose control of mind
See the material as real, and believe the tangible will make me feel.

Sometimes I say nasty words when I forget it's me I hurt.
The being inside me is really you, the being inside you is me too.

Sometimes I say nasty words when I forget it's me I hurt.
I'll scream, I'll cry, I'll make you pay, but in the end I'm only in way.

Sometimes I don't care to pause, enjoy my life bound by desire and laws.
It seems to me so very brief, at any point my existence may cease.
Track Name: Medication Mama
I don't know if I want to go back on that medication, mama.
Those pills make me feel so slow,
I don't know if I want to go back on that medication, mama.

I won't scream, no I won't cry... Shhhh, quiet as I lose my mind.
You say I'm crazy... I say you better watch out for me.

I don't know why I've got to go back on that medication, mama.
Those pills won't let me scream, won't let me shout,
I don't know if I want to go back to hell, mama, please let me out!

I don't want to, I don't want to...
Track Name: Getting Better
You're all I've ever had and I treat you so bad.

Write my heart a letter, say I'm sorry I don't choose lover's better,
Write my voice a note, say I'm sorry I started to smoke.

Apologies all around, tell my body she don't need to lose a pound.
I'm sorry for treating me wrong, I'm trying to get better, I'm getting better.

Write my mind a song, explain why I kept her drunk for so long,
A melody for my eyelids, tell them I won't keep them up all night ever again.
Track Name: Please Don't Go
Please don't go, I'm not ready yet,
I've got so much for you left.
So please don't make me say goodbye,
I'm not ready to, I need to see you one more time.

I know you know I thought of you when I didn't keep in touch.
Sometimes the world gets at me and it's all a little too much.
But you made it better when you were there
That's all I understand, but it doesn't make it easier.

Gaelic Blessing:
Deep peace of running water to you.
Deep peace of flowing air to you.
Deep peace of quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of shining stars to you.
Deep peace of gentle night to you.
Moon and stars, always giving light to you.

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